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peri implantitis

Peri-implantitis: Prevent, Recognize & Treat

Background The introduction of dental implants into contemporary dental practice presents one of the major breakthroughs for the replacement of missing teeth.  Dental implants have certainly advanced oral rehabilitation and patient-related quality of life in partially and fully edentulous patients, alongside high survival rates and success rates (Pjetursson, 2014). Yet,

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An overview of the criteria for explantation of dental implants

An overview of the criteria for explantation of dental implants

Introduction Implant dentistry is a treatment modality widely used in daily practice for fully and partially edentulous patients to improve masticatory function and quality of life. This therapy offers not only significant functional and biologic advantages for many patients when compared with conventional fixed or removable prostheses, but also yields

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Dental implant prosthesis

Implant-supported transitional prostheses: More than provisionals

Provisional prostheses play an essential role in testing prosthodontic parameters before the construction of definitive restorations. These parameters include soft tissue shaping for an optimal emergence profile, the occlusal scheme, and esthetics. The fabrication of such transitional prostheses is not mandatory for every patient, but some of the factors that

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Dental soft tissue management

Soft tissue contour management of implant-supported restorations

Introduction Implant-supported restorations have been the standard of care for the past 30 years. In the beginning, the success criteria were mainly related to the survival of restorations over time (Albrektsson et al. 1986). This definition, however, has evolved in such a way that health, function, and esthetics are also

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Digital restorative dentistry - using intraoral scanners

Digital dentistry – Using intraoral scanning

Introduction When we talk about “digital dentistry” and digital solutions, there are many different aspects to “digitising” the modern dental office and our approach to treating our patients with a comprehensive range of digital devices: Dental computing software for charting and intraoral photography Extraoral photography Shade-taking devices Face scanners Intraoral

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fixed prosthodontics

Selecting the implant abutment in fixed prosthodontics

Introduction We have seen many advances in dental implant designs and surface technologies in recent years. For some time, however, the prosthodontic management and components have been based on a conventional analog laboratory pathway utilizing burn-out and metal castings that deliver a wide spectrum in accuracy of the final prostheses.

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