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Zirconia dental implants in daily practice

Abstract More and more patients are starting to demand solutions that do not involve the “gray” color of titanium in their treatment planning. White color, biocompatibility and low plaque affinity make zirconia dental implants the implant of choice for desirable esthetic outcomes. From the biological point of view, zirconia implants also

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Clinical insights

L-shape technique: novel guided bone regeneration with simultaneous implant placement in the esthetic zone

Around 4 months after implant placement, second-stage surgery is usually performed. The crestal soft tissue area is de-epithelialized, followed by a u-shaped incision. The cover screw is changed to a healing abutment folding this small flap towards the buccal side, allowing for slight augmentation of the buccal contour. In the case of the seldom occurrence of bone on top of the implant, this can be safely and easily removed using curettes, ultrasonic scalers, or specially designed trephine burs manufactured by the respective implant manufacturer.

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Practice development

5 steps to dealing with negative dental practice reviews

Dental offices, like any other business, can sometimes receive negative online reviews. These reviews can be damaging to a practice’s reputation and may discourage potential patients from seeking treatment. However, with the right approach, dental offices can turn a negative review into an opportunity to improve patient satisfaction and enhance

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