Fig. 5: Bond milled teeth on milled denture bases. A: maxillary denture; B: mandibular denture
Clinical insights

Is a Digital Workflow for Removable Prosthesis Practical or Not?

Why digital? As CAD/CAM is being more widely used in dentistry, how does it facilitate clinical practice? Digital workflows consist of data acquisition, computer-aided design, and computer-aided manufacturing. As these digital tools improve, they can mostly calculate errors in each procedure. Every step can be digitized, and the whole process

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Why am I doing this
Practice development

Why am I doing this?

“Why am I doing this?” is a question you should always ask yourself! Why am I placing this implant? Am I replacing a missing tooth? Restoring esthetics? Providing function? Or am I doing something at a deeper level such as restoring confidence? Building a personality? Improving self-esteem? Uncovering the deeper

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Fig 12
Clinical insights

Guidelines for ridge preservation: when and how

Introduction Ridge preservation is defined as any procedure undertaken at the time of or following an extraction that is designed to minimize external resorption of the ridge and optimize bone formation within the socket as a consequence of bone remodeling. As far as possible, immediate implant placement with immediate restoration

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Fig. 2
Clinical insights

Four reasons to choose tissue-level implants for posterior sites

Tissue-level implants have a long history and are still relevant for today’s practice in implant dentistry. Although bone-level implants dominate the implant market nowadays, the significant advantages of tissue-level implants are still valid, especially when restoring the posterior non-esthetic region. While advocating caution in the use of tissue level implants,

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