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It’s a wrap: the ITI World Symposium 202ONE – a huge success

Sunday, September 5 saw the closing of this year’s highlight of the implant-dentistry calendar: the ITI World Symposium 202ONE. For the very first time, our flagship event took place online, live-streamed from the ITI studio in Basel. With an audience of close to 10,000 from 122 countries, this was arguably the biggest (and the

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Figs 2-3: Digital implant impressions for single implant – scanbody in place
Clinical insights

IO scanner as a tool in a surgical practice – pre-op use and single implant impressions: Part 1

Intraoral scanners are being applied in many dental indications. Starting from restorative dentistry through prosthodontics and of course orthodontics. They are present in chairside systems, the aligner business, patient monitoring apps and treatment planning. Let’s see what benefits they can bring for implant surgery-oriented dental practitioners. Advantages for the digital

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peri implantitis
Clinical insights

Peri-implantitis: Prevent, Recognize & Treat

Background The introduction of dental implants into contemporary dental practice presents one of the major breakthroughs for the replacement of missing teeth.  Dental implants have certainly advanced oral rehabilitation and patient-related quality of life in partially and fully edentulous patients, alongside high survival rates and success rates (Pjetursson, 2014). Yet,

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Online Dental Practice Management course
Practice development

Dental Practice Management course: A turning point in my professional life

Dr Torsten Seidenstricker participated in the first cycle of our Dental Practice Management course. We asked him why he took the course and what he liked most about it.  For him, this online format was the only and right way to study in parallel to his full-time job. In his opinion, modern dentists have to be able to lead people, talk business and

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Sinus floor elevation in implant dentistry
Clinical insights

Sinus floor elevation in implant dentistry: Part I (Presurgical planning and risk factor evaluation)

Introduction Insufficient bone volume is a common problem encountered during the rehabilitation of the partially/completely edentulous posterior maxilla with implant retained/supported prostheses. The pneumatization of the maxillary sinus may limit the bone support for dental implants following tooth loss along with loss of alveolar bone height. In such a scenario,

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