Practice development

Expert tips to assure dental patient satisfaction

The goal of any dental treatment is to achieve maximum patient satisfaction. However, dental phobia can get on the way to having a pleasant experience at the dentist for many people. Following some of the measures and tips in this article, we can improve the overall experience of patients.

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An esthetic choice

Anyone landing on the website for Marisa Zenha’s practice based in Porto, Portugal, for the first time might be forgiven for being a little confused. There is not a single white coat in sight and instead the practice staff on the welcome page look ready for an evening at the

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You got the power!

Empowering your team members is the recipe for a successful practice. This can be accomplished in many ways. Showing your team members that you trust them is one way of empowering them. It is helpful to get to know your team members personally to build this trust. Making time to catch up with your team members will keep them engaged, as opposed to having a transactional culture in the office that is based on orders and tasks.

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Getting finances in order for success

We talk to Professor Salvatore Cantale, who lectures on the online ITI/IMD online Dental Practice Management course, about the role played by finance in running a successful practice. Tell us a little about yourself My name is Salvatore Cantale and I have been a professor at IMD for 10 years.

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Why am I doing this

Why am I doing this?

“Why am I doing this?” is a question you should always ask yourself! Why am I placing this implant? Am I replacing a missing tooth? Restoring esthetics? Providing function? Or am I doing something at a deeper level such as restoring confidence? Building a personality? Improving self-esteem? Uncovering the deeper

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Dental anxiety

5 Ways to manage patients with dental anxiety

We as dentists usually really love what we do and gain great satisfaction from helping patients and providing great service. Since we are in our dental offices every day, treating our patients, sometimes we do not realize that a majority of the people who come to us are very anxious

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Online Dental Practice Management course

Dental Practice Management course: A turning point in my professional life

Dr Torsten Seidenstricker participated in the first cycle of our Dental Practice Management course. We asked him why he took the course and what he liked most about it.  For him, this online format was the only and right way to study in parallel to his full-time job. In his opinion, modern dentists have to be able to lead people, talk business and

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Assuring dental patient satisfaction

5 ways to assure patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is the final goal of all our treatments and also our highest reward, or, in other words, it is the end result that we want to achieve from our treatments, and gives meaning to all our endeavors. It is interesting that in our dental school we did not

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A mix of medicine and dental business

Interview: A mix of medicine and business

The first cycle of the new Dental Practice Management (DPM) has finished. We asked one of our participants, Per Hamre from Norway, what he thinks about this educational program in general and the course section on “Influence and Patient Care” in particular. The Dental Practice Management (DPM) course has finished.

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