Dental Practice Management course: A turning point in my professional life

Rebecca Reif
Online Dental Practice Management course

Dr Torsten Seidenstricker participated in the first cycle of our Dental Practice Management course. We asked him why he took the course and what he liked most about it. 

For him, this online format was the only and right way to study in parallel to his full-time job. In his opinion, modern dentists have to be able to lead people, talk business and still get fulfillment out of the job – and the Dental Practice Management course helped him gain insights in order to position himself right. This course was a clear turning point in his professional life.  

Dr. Seidenstricker sees the biggest force of the course in its method – not a “one fits all” approach, but a tailor-made understanding of the disruptive trends that are out there. The course provided him with eye-opening tools to analyze his situation. He especially loved the learnings around explaining to patients what is best for them. 

“I strongly recommend the Dental Practice Management course and wish I had learned all this already at university.” 

The Dental Practice Management course 

Are you keen on giving your practice a little extra boost? Then the Dental Practice Management course might just be the right thing for you! 

The second course cycle starts on September 10, 2021 and comprises the three fundamental components of every successful practice:  

  • Business Insights 
  • Leadership Insights 
  • Marketing & Customer/Patient Centricity 

It is practical, case-based and intended for immediate application in daily practice. 

With these components, this online course responds to the needs of dental practice owners who are seeking the knowledge and insights to run their practice more effectively and efficiently, differentiating it clearly within their market. 

The course is tailor-made for dentists and has been designed to produce the highest learning results, leading to ITI/IMD certification. Participants will learn how to transform their business by implementing a strategic approach, driving financial performance, and enhancing their leadership skills as well as marketing their practice effectively. All three modules can also be taken separately. 

This learning journey makes use of videos, cases, animations as well as frameworks and tools designed for reflection and exploration. Learning progress is monitored through engaging quizzes, projects and assignments, while personal study groups enhance the learning process through peer support. The Dental Practice Management course offers all participants the option of one-to-one coaching from an expert online coach. 

NEW: Get your personal ITI Mentor 

The Dental Practice Management course supports you in reaching your goals thanks to a particularly useful additional option – the ITI Mentor! Book an experienced ITI Mentor and benefit from the knowledge and experience of a successful dental practice owner who understands the obstacles that stand in the way of running a dental practice successfully. 

Our mentors will support you: 

  • with practical advice that you can immediately implement in your daily business 
  • with real practice management solutions to grow your practice 
  • with their insights as successful practice owners – you benefit not only from theory but also from your mentor’s practical experience 
  • with a one-to-one approach to get the most out of the course 

More information is available on the course website! 


Rebecca Reif
Rebecca Reif
Rebecca Reif is Social Media & Communications Manager at ITI Headquarters.
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