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Fact or Myth: Esthetics in Implant Dentistry

Restoring function and esthetics using titanium or ceramic implants are arguably the two main goals of dental implant therapy. While assessing osseointegration is relatively straightforward in daily clinical practice by tapping on implants or using more sophisticated methods such as applying ISQ values, measuring esthetics, however, is much more complicated.

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After rehabilitation, the patient was able to take care of her teeth independently
Clinical insights

When do we need to prepare “back-off” for elderly implant patients?

Introduction The ITI Treatment Guide Vol. 9 provided us with an innovative solution called the “back off” strategy for elderly patients (Müller & Barter 2016). However, patients’ conditions vary widely, and the details of how and when to back off are unknown. The purpose of this clinical report is to discuss

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Practice development

You got the power!

Empowering your team members is the recipe for a successful practice. This can be accomplished in many ways. Showing your team members that you trust them is one way of empowering them. It is helpful to get to know your team members personally to build this trust. Making time to catch up with your team members will keep them engaged, as opposed to having a transactional culture in the office that is based on orders and tasks.

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My amazing experience at the ITI Education Week in Boston

This year’s ITI Education Week in Boston, which was organized by the ITI in cooperation with Harvard University School of Dental Medicine, took place from June 6 – 10, 2022. The topic of the week was “Modern Oral Implantology”, and we had 5 days of lectures, planning sessions and live

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12-month follow-up: final reconstruction in place with an esthetically pleasing and stable result
Clinical insights

Soft tissue deficiencies around implants in the esthetic zone – causes & treatment options

Abstract In modern implant dentistry, osseointegration and bone regeneration are no longer the main focus. Patients are not only asking for functional restorations but also for natural-looking and esthetically satisfactory implant rehabilitations. Mucosal recessions are a common biological complication around dental implants in the esthetic zone. There are various possible

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