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Dr. Selladurai Karthickraj

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For anyone who is unfamiliar with the SAC Assessment Tool, this is an excellent opportunity to find out why it is so popular and how it could provide you with an additional layer of confidence when planning treatment for your patients. In a quick and intuitive process, the SAC Assessment Tool will take you through each step necessary to identify the degree of complexity and potential risk involved in individual implant dentistry cases. The tool makes use of the ITI’s highly regarded classification system referred to as SAC: Straightforward, Advanced, Complex. It reflects the normative guidelines developed by the ITI for various types of restorative and surgical cases. The tool is based on the book entitled “The SAC Classification in Implant Dentistry 2nd Edition”, published by the ITI in cooperation with Quintessence Publishing Group.

With the SAC tool, you never miss an aspect and that really boosts the confidence of the operating doctor.
Dr. Selladurai Karthickraj
ITI Member

Now read on to find out why the ITI’s new revised SAC Assessment Tool is in constant use by Selladurai Karthickraj in his practice.

You use the SAC Assessment Tool for each of your cases. Why?

Selladurai Karthickraj (SK): The SAC Assessment tool is one of a kind and extremely doctor-friendly. It comes as a series of multiple-choice questions, and the software then provides a cumulative score for that particular patient. I use the tool to assess my patients and formulate a treatment plan for them. I value the tool as it gives me a clear idea of the potential outcome and provides me with an excellent framework for explaining the clinical situation to my patient, which enhances trust between us.

Why do you find it particularly useful?

SK: The SAC tool ticks all the boxes, especially in alerting one to the various criteria and factors that must be planned prior to an implant surgical procedure. It helps by providing a comprehensive treatment plan that that takes the bone, soft tissue and the prosthetic factors into consideration.

Have you ever had any unexpected results?

Yes, certain cases, when planned sans the SAC tool seemed to be simple and straightforward but once planned with the tool turned out to be advanced, which changed my entire treatment plan. This can be attributed to the fact that we do not usually have a check list prior to the treatment plan. With the SAC tool, you never miss an aspect and that really boosts the confidence of the operating doctor.

And your final word?

SK: The SAC tool is useful to every practitioner and particularly so for all those currently starting their journey in the field of implantology as it helps the professional to view cases from all the important angles.

SAC Assessment Tool

Step-by-step guidance to risk assessment in implant dentistry


Dr. Selladurai Karthickraj
Dr. Karthickraj graduated from SRM Dental College Ramapuram in 2019 . His interest in implant dentistry led him to pursue his career at Saveetha Dental College, where he is currently in his final year of an MSc in implantology. His field of interest is esthetics in combination with implant prostheses. His dream is to be a renowned implant clinician. He is a jovial person and likes to take up challenges.
Dr. Selladurai Karthickraj
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