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The esthetic parameters in complete full arch rehabilitation

Introduction The therapeutic approach to treating the fully edentulous maxilla is in continuous evolution due to the advances in technology that have dramatically expanded the possibilities for esthetic optimization in the field of dentistry. The rising esthetic demand as well as the digital and technological improvement in the dental industry

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Gabriel Magrin

Socket sealing strategies for alveolar ridge preservation

Background and objective After tooth extraction, a remodeling process takes place in the alveolar socket, leading to volumetric changes that reduce bone availability for further dental implant placement. Why do dimensional alterations happen after tooth removal? Briefly, the periodontal ligament is lost during the alveolar healing process, which consequently affects

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Fig. 20: Impression copings were picked up in the impression taken with polyether material in the anterior region and zinc oxide eugenol material in the posterior edentulous area

Long-term success rate of mandibular locator implant-retained overdentures: How do we ensure predictable results?

Introduction Fully edentulous patients with severely resorbed ridges and unfavorable jaw relations often encounter difficulties with their conventional denture due to an impaired load-bearing capability, especially in the lower arch. Implant-retained overdentures (IODs) were proposed as an effective treatment for rehabilitating such patients to restore both function and esthetics and

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Fig. 7: Post-operative OPT showing implant position, MUA and seating of provisional prostheses

Immediate Full Arch Load – Dual Arch Case Report

The landscape of dentistry, particularly implant dentistry, is rapidly changing. More and more patients are finding themselves at the crossroads presented by failing dentition. The options available are often limited to full arch rehabilitation with implants vs progression to partial or full edentulism. The ‘All-On-X’ concept has been around for

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