Your life-long journey with the ITI at your side

Matthias Joesch

Join ITI President Charlotte Stilwell on a journey through the ITI universe that highlights how the ITI accompanies dental professionals along their way.

Feel inspired? See how the ITI could enhance your career!


Matthias Joesch
Matthias Joesch
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Fig. 20: Impression copings were picked up in the impression taken with polyether material in the anterior region and zinc oxide eugenol material in the posterior edentulous area
Clinical insights

Long-term success rate of mandibular locator implant-retained overdentures: How do we ensure predictable results?

Introduction Fully edentulous patients with severely resorbed ridges and unfavorable jaw relations often encounter difficulties with their conventional denture due to an impaired load-bearing capability, especially in the lower arch. Implant-retained overdentures (IODs) were proposed as an effective treatment for rehabilitating such patients to restore both function and esthetics and

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Practice development

Getting finances in order for success

We talk to Professor Salvatore Cantale, who lectures on the online ITI/IMD online Dental Practice Management course, about the role played by finance in running a successful practice. Tell us a little about yourself My name is Salvatore Cantale and I have been a professor at IMD for 10 years.

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ITI Scholarship interview

Interview series: Daniel’s ITI Scholarship experience

Every year in June, the ITI opens the application portal for its Scholarships. We took this opportunity to ask one of our current Scholars, Daniel Vegh from Hungary, about his experience, his daily work and what he likes the most about it. He started his Scholarship year in September 2021

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