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Since 1998, the ITI has supported over 350 young clinicians from more than 50 countries with a Scholarship in one of our 26 Scholarship Centers around the world. But these are not just impressive numbers, behind them are real people and their stories of change. We have put together 3 reasons why an ITI Scholarship could be the icing on your career cake and asked former Scholars about their unique experience abroad and what they took from it.

#1 Experience mentoring at its best

ITI Scholars get a great opportunity to spend a whole year at one of the ITI Scholarship Centers around the world. These are university departments or clinics, each offering a program to broaden the clinical and research experience of its Scholars. ITI Scholarship Centers are run by highly regarded and experienced ITI Fellows.

This was a turning point in my life. I was very excited to be spending a year with one of the best mentors in the field of implant dentistry and the ITI community. Working with great mentors at the Implant Center as an ITI Scholar really changed my philosophy on how to see things and how to find solutions from different aspects.  
Ahmed Orgev, Turkey: University of Florida, Gainesville, USA, 2017-2018

I am very grateful to Dr. Wei-Shao Lin and Dr. Greenwell, who helped me considerably and supported me in my clinical work as well as generally during the Scholarship year, so that I could deal with all the difficulties step by step, build up my confidence and finally finish the task.
Dr. Lingyan Peng, China: University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA, 2015-2016

#2 Gain international experience at a leading university

The Scholarship Centers have been chosen for their ability to provide insight into every aspect of implant treatment in line with the ITI philosophy, which encompasses scientific credibility and a sense of responsibility towards the patient. Currently, the ITI offers Scholarships in 26 Scholarship Centers around the world: Europe, the United States, South America and Asia – you name it. An ITI Scholarship allows you to gain international experience in differing aspects of implant dentistry at top-notch universities in many different countries.

The ITI Scholarship year has been an unforgettable year for me! It gave me exposure to a top-class dental school and the possibility to interact with world-renowned specialists in implant dentistry.
Supriya Ebenezer, India: University of Bern, Switzerland, 2018-2019

As a Scholar, I also had the opportunity to travel to meetings and dental events around the world learning from the best clinicians and researchers.
Alejandro Lanis, ITI Education Committee member, Chile: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, 2013-2014

#3 Improve your implant dentistry skills and become one of tomorrow’s leaders

Above all, an ITI Scholarship is a great opportunity to improve your implant dentistry skills. Being surrounded and mentored by an internationally renowned expert in the field, ITI Scholars are challenged and motivated to get ahead and outdo themselves.

My education in Toronto was intensive, challenging, and helped me to change not only my way of treating patients, but also totally changed my way of teaching at the university. My acquaintances, along with all the specialists involved with the program, inspired me with plenty of great ideas for future research projects. An experience that changed my life!
Dr. Stoyan Katsarov, Bulgaria: University of Toronto, Canada, 2011-2012

The different levels of complexity in each treatment allowed me to gather unique experience in a very short time. This environment broadened my vision and treatment-planning skills rapidly.
Ahmed Orgev

The scholarship year played a key role in helping me to finish the transition to becoming an experienced practitioner. I definitely recommend it to all younger colleagues.
Iva Milinkovic, Serbia: Eastman Dental Hospital in Rome, Italy, 2012-2013

This exposure to top institutions and their staff is also often a professional door-opener for young practitioners within the field. Many former ITI Scholars are now in leading positions at universities, clinics and, of course, within the ITI itself.

I have remained very involved with the ITI. I feel I owe a lot to this family, but most importantly: I really enjoy being part of it. We are colleagues from all over the world who share a professional passion, but most of all, we are a very big family with a common interest: seeking excellence in treatment to the benefit of our patients.
Alejandro Lanis

Looking back I would say that the year I spent as an ITI Scholar was essential to my further development as a clinical academic in the field of periodontology and implant dentistry.
Nikos Donos, former member ITI Leadership Development Committee and University Programs Committee, ITI Education Week London Course Director, United Kingdom: University of Bern, Switzerland, 2000-2001

My Scholarship year provided a wonderful opportunity to consolidate my knowledge of implant dentistry and the ITI philosophy. It was a year full of challenges and new experiences. For me, it opened doors ands introduced me to new dimensions, a new language, professional contacts and wonderful friends.
Lisa Heitz-Mayfield, ITI Board Member, Chair ITI Research Committee, Australia: University of Bern, Switzerland: 1999-2000

To get more insights into this wonderful initiative, watch the new video interview with Frauke Müller, former chair of the ITI Section Leadership Development Committee who led the Scholarship program for 8 years until 2020.

Get more details about the ITI Scholarship program


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