4 reasons to take the ITI Online Curriculum Foundation level

Rebecca Reif
ITI Curriculum: Dental implant education

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Are you new to the field of implant dentistry? Would you like to improve your knowledge and skills in an effective way? Then the ITI Online Curriculum Foundation level is just the thing for you: enroll in this educational program now and give your implant dentistry career a boost that really counts.

#1 Take the course online and stay flexible

One of the key benefits of this course is its enormous flexibility. You can stay at home and learn at your own pace. Apart from a hands-on introduction to clinical skills, the entire course can be done online. All you need is an electronic device and an internet connection. The 35 learning modules will help you understand the basic principles and science of implant dentistry and allow you to earn CE credit hours along the way. Optional continuation on to the Intermediate level on-site course then builds on this knowledge to introduce clinical implementation and first-hand experience of treating patients. Your dental implant education starts here!

#2 Get the best possible learning content

The ITI Online Curriculum is not just your average online course – it’s more than that. Dive into this internationally standardized program and benefit from its structured approach and evidence-based learning material. Dedicated ITI Academy online content is available to support these learning formats. The ITI Academy is one of the most comprehensive e-learning platforms and provides you with educational products, tools and activities according to the highest standards of continuing education in implant dentistry.

#3 Gain CE credit hours and earn your ITI Certificate

Make your hard work count! After successfully completing the ITI Online Curriculum, its assessments and exams, you will be awarded CE credit hours and an official ITI Certificate in implant dentistry.

#4 Boost your implant dentistry career

Dental implant education has many facets and the Foundation level is just the beginning of something even bigger! Once you have successfully completed the first level, the sky’s the limit. Continue with the Intermediate level, which is taught largely on-site with certain theoretical aspects that can be carried out online. Dive even deeper into the world of implant dentistry, build on the knowledge acquired in the Foundation level and apply it in surgical placement and live patient treatment with the help of a mentor.

For more details go to ITI Online Curriculum Foundation level


Rebecca Reif
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